Food Dehydrator Machine


Power?350W  50Hz

Electric Food Saver Fruit Dehydrator Preserver Dry Fruit Dehydration Machine with 5 Stackable Tray :

♥ Description :

This food dehydrator is the new way to dry various fresh fruit, vegetable, meat, etc, which is more healthier and easier than the traditional air dry. 5 trays allow a large capacity at one time. The machine is made of high quality plastic, not easy to aging, sturdy and easy to clean. Buy one to DIY healthy and natural drying food for your families.

? Features :

Can be used to dehydrate a variety of fruit, vegetable, meat or traditional Chinese medicinal materials, multi-functional and practical.
360°stereoscopic circulatory heating system and four heating tubes ensure high efficiency yet low energy consumption.
With fuse protective device, automatically power off when over-heat or earth leakage.

Decrease the moisture of food and lock the nutrition, the drying fruit or vegetable is easier to store than the fresh food.