Granulator V-400C


The waste cable wire recycling line can process and separate waste cable into 99.99% copper from raw Material safer procedures like cutting, stripping, grinding and separating etc., automatically.

2.Functions of single unit


1 Grinder—Processing cable into 1-3mm.

2 Separator— Separating the final products into copper and plastic with other impurities.

3 De-dusting—Collecting and discharging the dust which produced by grinder and separator.

4. Main features
i. High automatic level with easy operation.
ii. With recycling rate99.99%.
iii Long working life only need change quick-wear part.
iv. With the best quality to process the smallest diameter of raw materials.

5.Main function

A.Double grinding system
i.) Feature: Double system
ii.) Structure: Special roller and blade
iii.) Cooling system: Automatic

B.Controlling system
i. Device: Automatic button
ii. Function: control different parts working well.

C.Automatic separating system
i. Function: Automatic separate copper and plastic
ii. Separation: Double automatic